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Phillip Law Medal - Design

Design of the Phillip Law Medal

The Medal has been made by Millers who are well known for their finely detailed, custom made medals and coins.

Ray McMahon, David Ellyard and Ralph Fletcher did the bulk of the initial design, with final tweaking by the 2010/2011 National Council members.

The Medal is 51mm in diameter and has a raised outer rim.  It is 5mm thick.

The obverse depicts a bas relief of the head of Dr Law, as drawn by Roy Hodginson in 1962. This drawing is shown on the outer rear page of Aurora Vol 11 No. 4 June  1992.

The reverse has a raised pad for the engraving of the recipient's name; there is a similar raised pad on which the year of the award is engraved.  A .pdf file showing the medal is available here.

The wording on the medal was decided by the ANARE Club National Council.