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Obituaries and Tributes 2017

Vale- Neville "Nod" Parsons

Station Year Season
Macquarie Is 1950 Winter
Mawson 1955 Winter

It is with much sadness that I pass on the news of the death of Neville "Nod" Parsons. He died peacefully this morning, 30 December at the age of 91.
"Nod" wintered at Macca in 1950 and Mawson in 1955 as Cosray and Auroral Physicist. He also participated in trips to Macca in 61/62 and 63/64.
He was a Foundation and Life Member of the ANARE Club.
Our thoughts are with his wife Jennifer and his family.
Email received from Jan Adolph 30/12/17

Neville, together with Phil Law and Fred Jacka (and a little later Bob Jacklyn), led the development of research in cosmic ray and upper atmosphere research at a time when satellite observations were just being planned. The IGY was the impetus for the quick development of land based observatories, and when I wintered at Mawson in 1970 and 1972 we were still l using the telescopes that Nod had built and installed in the silver Cosray hut on the hill - next to the met hut.
In 1972 Nod's telescopes were relocated into the underground vault observatory at Mawson, which was designed and installed by my old mate, Attila Vrana. I was his side-kick. By siting the detectors 40 feet underground and into the rock at Mawson, Nod's instruments were able to record much higher energy galactic particles than surface ones - an experiment designed by Bob Jacklyn. At the time it was cutting edge research - and an extension of Nod's early work.
Vale to Nod, a fonder member of the ANARE Club, and an outstanding research physicist.
Email received from David Parer 31/12/17

Tribute to "Nod" Parsons received from Joe Johnson 31/12/17


Vale- Tom Maggs

Station Year Season
Mawson 1977 Winter
Mawson 1980 Winter
Casey (as SL) 1988 Winter

Tom Maggs passed away this evening. He had a stroke last Wednesday.
Tom was a radio operator at Mawson and then station leader. He worked at the AAD for many years.
Email received from Denise Allen 24/12/17

Tom's sister Marie asked me if I could send Antarctic photos of Tom for the service. I don't have many good ones, but I've offered to put out a call for photos and to be the coordinator.
When I start to think of the breadth of Tom's acquaintances, it's daunting.
In addition to the AntDiv and his ANARE winters, he always made friends among the summer researchers and the ship's crews. For example he often spoke of Arne Sorensen. Tom also had friends in Canberra through the Department of Environment, and he attended overseas missions for the Division and would speak of people he'd met. He had friends in Japan and France (Antoine Guicharde is the person who first alerted me to Tom's stroke).
Email received from Kevin Shepherd 26/12/17

It is with a heavy heart I advise the sad passing of Tom Maggs- a man known to so many of us.
Tom had a massive stroke on the Wednesday prior to Christmas that resulted in a "catastrophic brain bleed" and despite the best efforts of the Neurosurgeons a decision was made to switch off his life support system as there was nothing further that could be done.
He passed away Christmas Eve with his Daughters Bonnie and Georgina holding his hands while listening to Pink Floyd.
Tom wintered at Mawson 1977 and 1980 as Comms Officer and at Casey in 1988 as OIC. He worked in the Division in Melbourne prior to shifting to Kingston in 1981 and stayed on and rising through the ranks to position of Environmental Manager. He also was a Voyage Leader on trips down South.
I first met Tom in November 1979 at his Parents fruit block in Red Cliffs. Had lunch with Tom and his Parents Lorna and Tom (Snr) and Enid Borschmann. Enid and myself had just come back from Macquarie Island 1978 and Tom was getting ready to go back to Mawson. Tom was know as a very fair man, loved and respected by all that knew him. He leaves a lasting legacy of memories of a good bloke.
Special thanks to Ulla Knox-Little who has kept us all in the loop in respect of this very sad situation.
Should any of you have pictures of Tom it would be appreciated if you could send them to Ulla at as Tom's Sister Marie is seeking to have some.
Our thoughts are with all of Tom's family and his many friends.
He was one of the best and will be sorely missed.
Email received from Ralph (Noddy) Fletcher 27/12/17

Tom's funeral will be held 10am, Tuesday, 2nd January at Turnbull's in Leticia Street, North Hobart.
Email received from Jan Adolph 27/12/17


Vale- Bruce Hill

Long time Antarctic Division employee, Bruce Hill, died peacefully last week at the age of 87. Bruce was one of the staff who transferred from Melbourne to Hobart back in the early 80's. Bruce worked as a draughtsman in the Engineering Section of the Antarctic Division. He progressed the division through pen and ink drawings to the implementation of AutoCAD.

Bruce's funeral will be held at Graham Family Funeral Home, Corner Risdon and Bay Roads, New Town, this Monday, 23 October at 3:30pm.
Email received from Jan Adolph 22/10/17

Vale- Peter Martin

Station Year Season
Mawson 1964 Winter

Peter, OIC Mawson 1964, passed away peacefully after a short illness on 3 October 2017, and was farewelled by a large gathering of family and friends at a funeral service on 10 October.
An obituary for Peter will appear in an upcoming edition of Aurora.
Born in New Zealand on 9 December 1927, Peter was Mawson OIC in 1964. Before this he served in the New Zealand Navy, followed by roles with Civil Aviation as a radar and radio engineer, then in scientific leadership roles on Raoul Island, Campbell Island and Hallett Station. Peter is honoured in the naming of Martin Massif in the Prince Charles Mountains, also of Martin Hill near Hallett Station.
He met his future wife Claudia Dodd prior to taking up the OIC role at Mawson, when she instructed him in elementary operating procedures at Royal Melbourne Hospital. They raised two boys mainly in Melbourne but in places as far afield as Hammersley Iron in West Australia, in South Africa and in Iran.
In his varied engineering and consulting roles, son Matthew reports that "he never in his life held a job that required him to sit at a desk in an office."
His funeral was on 10 October.
Emails received from Roger Francey 10/10/17 and 4/11/17


Vale- Craig Hunter

Station Year Season
Mawson 1990 Winter

Heard last week that Craig Hunter, M90 SRTO, had passed on 7 August 2017.
Death notice in the Canberra Times 14/08/17. Craig's funeral service will be held at Norwood Park Crematorium, Sandford Street, Mitchell on Thursday 17/08/17.
Email received from Paul Gigg 14/08/17 and passed on by Jan Adolph


Vale- Peter Neville "Benno" Bennett

Station Year Season
Casey 1972 Winter

An obituary for Peter (1938-2017) was published in the June/July 2017 edition of Aurora.
In relating his life and its sad conclusion, we touched on some salient points. A decent, patriotic Australian who served his country well, with service as a regular in the Australian Army, service with the PMG, and a memorable member of the 1972 Casey expedition as a radio officer.
Before the Army and after retiring from the PMG as a telegraphist, Peter was always industrious and found work in many fields - driver, security guard, driver of large goods vehicles and the like. While starting life as a foster child for some years, he overcame various obstacles and made a success of whatever he turned to. He never complained or looked to apportion blame.
He was well-loved by his family members, and well-liked by his many friends and colleagues, wherever he was employed. All those consulted have very fond and lasting memories of a good and reliable person. He was a character, a raconteur, a sporting lover with interests in fishing, horse racing, darts, and a convivial beer with whomever could join him for a while.
Peter's good humour was a significant trait, as was his infectious laughter. He brightened up many people's lives and thoroughly enjoyed being involved with his fellow men and women. We farewell and salute a really good man who was born, and died on an ANZAC day. He is sorely missed.
Tribute (abbreviated from Aurora Winter 2017) received from Wayne Bennett, Maureen Reid, Allan & Lorraine Moore

Vale- David Weight

Station Year Season
Macquarie Island 1980 Winter

I would like to inform the club that David Weight (Macca '80 ) has passed away.
He was a unique guy with an incredible sense of humour and loved life. He was always telling great stories about the Territory and Darwin. I know all the Macca crew of '80 will be very sad to hear this news. He died on the seventh of May 2017 aged 67 in the Royal Darwin Hospital Hospice
Email received from Denis Carroll 9/05/17


Vale- Michael Charles Taylor

Station Year Season
Macquarie Island 1952 Winter
Macquarie Island 1954 Winter
Macquarie Island 1960 Winter

Just to let you know that Michael Charles Taylor died in his sleep in Darwin aged 92 on the 6th Jan 2017
Email received from Paul Taylor 18/04/17

Correction to previous listing - was referring to Charles Taylor

Mike wintered in 1952 Macquarie Island as storeman and assistant cook, 1954 Macquarie Island, cook and 1960, Macquarie Island, Officer-in-Charge.
He sailed with Phillip Law on the 1952 and 1954 voyages so would have known him well.

Email correction received from Amanda Sandery 1/07/19


Vale- Brian Brawley

Station Year Season
Davis 1982 Winter

It is with great sadness to inform you that Brian Brawley from South Australia passed away the evening of 12th March 2017, at home. Liz and family would appreciate if you both can pass on the sad news to Anare Club family, and importantly the team from Davis based members.
Email received from Dee Brawley 13/03/17
The funeral for Brian Brawley will be held at 1-00pm on Wed 22 Mar at the Mount Compass Hall, Mount Compass. Details will be in the Advertiser Sat 18 Mar.
Email received from Ron Hann 16/03/17


Vale- Robert Nicholson

Station Year Season
Davis 1971 Winter

Robert passed away 16 February 2017.
He was a club member of ANARE, attended all dinners. I have his jacket.
Thank you.
Email received from his daughter, Karen Nicholson 19/02/17


Vale- Rick Schmitter

Station Year Season Job
Davis 1964 Winter Cook
Macquarie Island 1966 Winter Cook
Mawson 1978 Winter Cook
Casey 1980 Winter Cook

One week ago I visited Rick at his home in Rye- Victoria, he had been suffering from a cancer that had wracked his body for quite some time, last night the 25th of January, he was admitted to hospital where he died.
Ulrich Schmitter , known to most of his Antarctic colleagues as Rick or Rickie, was 4 times employed with ANARE as the station cook, he looked after the well being of a collective of over 82 expeditioners in providing meals for them throughout their year's service at Davis station 1964, Macquarie Station 1966, Mawson Station 1978 and Casey Station in 1980. He will surely be remembered for his commitment to his job and his companionship as a fellow expeditioner. Rick was awarded the Polar Medal in 1978 and the Australian Antarctic Medal in 1987.
Rich was born in Grabs in Switzerland on the 27th of January 1942, the son of the village baker, a trade he learnt and worked at. He subsequently migrated to Australia and married and continued the family baking tradition in Melbourne and at Rye. Rich had been retired from the bakehouse for several years.
Rick leaves behind his wife Pamela and their 4 children Heidi, Daniel, Daryl and Steve and several grandchildren.
RIP Ulrich.
Email received from Ray MacMahon 26/01/17

Vale- Bob Tingey

Station Year Season
Prince Charles Mountains 1969-70 Summer
Prince Charles Mountains 1970-71 Summer
Prince Charles Mountains 1971-72 Summer
Prince Charles Mountains 1972-73 Summer
Enderby Land 1976-77 Summer
Bunger Hills 1985-86 Summer

Bob Tingey died on 17 November after a 30 year battle with Parkinson's disease. Bob first went to Antarctica in 1970 as a geologist in the Prince Charles Mountains Project and returned for many successive seasons, leading the geological studies in the Prince Charles Mountains and westwards across Enderby Land. Much of the work was in collaboration with geologists of the Soviet Antarctic Expeditions. He was a member and secretary of the SCAR Working Group on GeoIogy. In addition to detailed publications resulting from the field work, he organised and edited a comprehensive publication on the geology of Antarctica.
Email received from Ian McLeod 28/12/71

Bob Tingey was a scientific member of the Prince Charles Mountains survey parties in 1970, 1971 and 1972. He was awarded the Australian Antarctic Medal in 1990 for outstanding service to the Australian Antarctic Program in the field of Geology, and is described in the Citation as "One of Australia's best known, widely respected and influential Antarctic Scientists". He recognised the value of international collaboration with other nations in Antarctica, especially the then Soviet Union.
Bob was the editor of a major scientific publication - the Oxford Science Monographs Geology of Antarctica, published in 1990, a comprehensive volume covering all aspects of geology in the Antarctic, and still regarded as a leading work in this field.
He was Secretary of the SCAR working Group on Geology from 1980 to 1998, only standing down because of the onset of Parkinson's disease which was to prove a long battle, ultimately claiming his life.
In 1973 the Australian Antarctic Names and Medal Committee named a glacier after him - the Tingey Glacier 73°33'53"S 68°24'44"E.
Bob is quoted in The Silence is Calling (pp 328-9) as saying that summer scientists were "not considered the real thing" and not "bona fide heroes" by the winterers at the time, and were nick-named "cut lunch explorers" as they were flown out to their research sites each day from the base camp complete with chocolate bars and sandwiches to see them through the day. This is an example of the wry sense of humour for which he was famous.
The above is a precis of the full tribute to Bob Tingey by Joe Johnson
Email received from Joe Johnson 30/12/71

A very full tribute to Bob Tingey written by Malcolm Robertson on 18/12/17
The personnel on Bob Tingey's geological expeditions as provided by Jan Adolph 30/12/17


Vale- Neville Collins

Station Year Season
Mawson 1957 Winter
Mawson 1960 Winter
Wilkes 1962 Winter
Amery Ice Shelf 1968 Winter

Neville Collins, ANARE Club Member #6 (M57; M60; W62; Amery Ice Shelf 68) of Jacobs Well, Queensland, died at Labrador, Gold Coast, Queensland, on the evening of 2 November 2017. Neville was the well known and respected DIESO who maintained constant contact with his ANARE Club colleagues having joined the ANARE Club in 1958.
Advice of his passing was received by Mark Single (M62) from Nevilles wife Pat.
The Funeral Service will be at 11 AM on Friday 10 November at "The Church of the Latter Day Saints" in Reserve Road on the corner of Jessica Street, Upper Coomera. From the Church the ceeremony will move to the Upper Coomera Cemetry for interment at 12.30 PM.
Email received from David Carstens 6/11/17


Vale- Harrison George "Harry" Eastoe

Station Year Season
Mawson 1970 Winter

I like to regretfully advise that my father, and member of your organisation 'Harrison George Eastoe' (Mawson 1970) has passed away on Sunday 15th October in Mackay.
For anybody interested in attending, a funeral service will be held on Friday 27th October at 'Newhaven Funerals' 218 Harbour Rd, Mackay Harbour 4740.
If there is any further information I can provide please dont hesitate to make contact.
Email received from Lloyd Eastoe 18/10/17

It is with sadness that I let you know that Harrison George "Harry" Eastoe Of Ball Bay passed away peacefully on Sunday the 15th of October 2017, aged 73 years. Harry (my mum's cousin) wintered at Mawson with my father Steve Harbour in 1970. I believe Harry was the radio operator.
An extract from my dad's Antartic Diary - 23-03-1970 - At 1600: I spotted a snowtrac coming up the hill toward us. It was a welcoming party. John, Harry, Dave Robertson, Jan, Paul and Smith were up to greet us. Peter and I hopped down and there was much hand shaking and joking. Harry decided to travel down with me in the D5 so Peter went in the snowtrac. Jan went with Bob. Harry, the rotten sod, had a small bottle of rum with him (supposedly to ward off the cold!) but in my tired and dry condition it did me no good. By the time we reached Gwamm we were both singing heartily! It nearly led to disaster though as my judgement was somewhat impaired and we went well off course. In fact we were heading straight for the ice cliffs of West Bay. I realised my error and swung right and headed down to Mawson. Apparently Jan and Bob had a similar bottle and they, laughing and singing, were following me. When I swung right, Bob did the same and rolled the two caravans. What a homecoming!
Funeral service to be held in Mackay Qld on Friday 27th October. Funeral arrangements to be advised in Saturday's Daily Mercury
Email received from Justin Harbour 18/10/17


Vale- Peter Foran aka "Yakka"

Station Year Season
Casey 1982 Winter
Macquarie Is 1984 Winter

I found out this afternoon that Peter Foran, C82 and M84, passed away peacefully on Bruny Island last week.
Peter's funeral will be held on 20 September at Turnbul Funeral Chapel, Letitia Street, North Hobart at 3pm.
Email received from Jan Adolph 19/09/17


Vale- Trevor John Lloyd

Station Year Season
Casey 1984 Winter
Davis 1987 Winter
Mawson 1989 Winter
Macquarie Is 1991 Winter

Passing of Trevor Lloyd - Radio Tech at four bases.
SA Branch Secretary, Mark Spooner alerted me to this & until now we have not been able to confirm any details.
Please go to the following link for the only confirmation we have.(Cumberland Park is his correct suburb)
Email received from Ron Hann 30/08/17


Vale- Neil Brandie

Station Year Season
Mawson 1978 Winter

I have just been informed that former President, Neil Brandi, passed away last evening.
A funeral has been tentatively planned for next Tuesday - particulars to follow to enable Council and Club members to attend.
Will arrange flowers, Flag, etc once further wishes are known.
Email received from David Dodd 29/06/17
I have just been advised that Neil's funeral will take place tomorrow (Tuedsy 4 July) at the Bunurong Memorial Park, 790 Frankston-Dandenong Road, Dandenong South Vic 3175 at 1.30 pm in the Cumulus Chapel.
Furthur email received from David Dodd 3/07/17


Vale- John Shaw

Station Year Season
Mawson 1957 Winter

I just received a phone call from Margaret Shaw reporting that her husband John passed away on Wednesday 14 June, after a short illness.
He wintered at Mawson in 1957; the SHAW Islands were named after him. The death was reported in last Saturday's Herald.
Email received from Owen Holmwood 21/06/17
SHAW John Eric, 2.5.1929-14.6.2017
Former Antarctic Researcher and CSIRO Scientist
Passed away peacefully aged 88 years after a long and fulfilled life with wife Margaret by his side.
Loved and remembered always by those who met him.
extract from Obituary Notice Published in The Sydney Morning Herald on 17/06/17


Vale- Eddie Davern

Station Year Season
Wilkes 1963 Winter
Wilkes 1967 Winter

Was informed this morning 29/3/17 by Sue Davern that husband Eddie Davern W63 W67 had gone on ahead. The funeral is in the hands of Gregson and Weight at Nambour 07 5476 2866 email Address for Sue is PO Box 217 Mapleton, Q. 4560. Please pass this along to any ANARE chaps you feel should know. If you'd like to send a floral tribute the funeral director says call 07 5446 3052.
Email received from Stephen Grimsley 29/03/17


Vale- Arthur Giese

Station Year Season
Heard Island 1951 Winter
Mawson 1983 Winter
Macquarie Island 1985 Winter

Just letting you know that Arthur Giese, member 358, died in Wagga Wagga on 9th February 2017, aged 90 yrs 8 mths.
Arthur hadn't been going to Midwinter Dinners over the period since his Heard Island trip. So when he went to Mawson, after a break of 31 years, we went every year he was here until he went to the nursing home. Many of the guys like Chompers still call in on their way to Melbourne. We have a dedicated Antarctic room and he had big framed pictures on his wall in the nursing home of real scenes from Mawson and of our son, Phil Giese, taken down south with ice on his beard.
Emails received from Arthur's wife, Jill 14/02/17 & 17/02/17


Vale- Steve Harbour

Station Year Season
Mawson 1970 Winter
Mawson 1971 Winter
Mawson 1973 Winter

To let you know that Steve Harbour passed away at the Royal freemasons Homes in Melbourne on 15/2/17.
Steve was well known for his book Antarctic Diaries Mawson 1970 -1974 and his water colour paintings.
Email received from Grant Reid (C73, M76) 16/02/17


Vale- Ross Anderson

Station Year Season
Casey 1969 Winter

I wanted to pass on that my father, Ross Anderson (1969 Casey Winter) died last week (24 January 2017).
His Grandsons love the old pictures of Gradad at Casey.
Email received from Derek Anderson 30/01/17 (Phone 0404 221 678)

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