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Voting for the ANARE Club Council for 2019-20

Voting for the Election of the ANARE Club Council for 2019-20
This page covers what you need to know about voting for the Council for the coming year

A reminder - Nominations for positions close at COB Monday 1 July 2019!

Voting opens on 1 Aug 2019 and closes on 22 Aug 2019.

If you have been a financial member to 30 June 2019 and have not received either a postal ballot with Aurora or an email inviting you to vote electronically by 1 August 2019 and you wish to vote, please contact:
Following the amendments to sections 51-54 of the ANARE club Constitution, the voting for the Council for 2019-20 will have only two forms of voting available:
  • Electronic voting via the website It is expected that all members who have a listed email address will vote in this way. Members eligible to vote should receive an email advising details by 1 August 2019.
  • Postal voting by means of a ballot paper which has been posted to all members eligible to vote, following the weekend of TBA, is ONLY for members for whom the Club does not have a listed email address.
Voting will open 1 Aug 2019 and will close at COB 22 August 2019. Postal votes have an envelope supplied addressed to the Returning Officer. The procedure for electronic voting is on this page and also on the email sent to all eligible members with email addresses.

There will be NO voting for Council at the AGM on 8 September 2019 and there is no provision for proxy voting for the Council. It is expected that results of the election and therefore the Council for 2019-20 will be announced at the AGM.

These changes have been made because of some problems which have occurred in voting in recent years and are expected to improve the integrity of the voting system. Associated with each member eligible to vote is a 4 digit code (or PIN) which they will need when they either:
  • login to vote electronically, or
  • forward their ballot by post (it is written on the ballot paper envelope).
This 4 digit code can be used to vote only once. The electronic voting system will block any subsequent use of a code which has already been used. The 4 digit code on the postal ballot paper envelope will also be checked against the electronic voting system.

Profiles of the candidates will on the web so that you can make an informed choice when voting.

Eligible members are those who were financial for the year to 30 June 2019 or have paid subs to 30 June 2020 or later.

Issues and Queries with Voting:

  • Members who want to change the way that they vote, or
  • have any difficulties with voting, or
  • have not received either a postal voting form, nor
  • an email by Thursday 1 August 2019 outlining how to vote
Should then:
  1. Note the code number/PIN if they have received it by post or by email
  2. Contact:
Note: Even if you do not have an email address but have received a postal voting form, you can choose to vote electronically. Login to the website using the instructions for electronic voting. You must use the four digit code that is marked on the envelope which was sent to you for postal voting.
After your vote is accepted by, discard the postal voting material. The system will block you from attempting to vote both electronically and by post.
If there are issues for queries which may be common to several members, they will be posted here (anonymously) as FAQs.
Comments on the system are welcome. We appreciate your feedback.

Thank you for your participation
the Electoral Reform Team