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Voting for the ANARE Club Council for 2018-19

Voting for the Election of the ANARE Club Council for 2018-19
This page covers all (we hope) that you need to know about voting for the Council for the coming year

A reminder - Voting closes at COB Wednesday 1 August 2018!
Voting is now open.

If you have been a financial member to June 2018 and have not received either a postal ballot with Aurora or an email inviting you to vote electronically and you wish to vote, please contact:
Please do not confuse voting for the 2018-19 Council with voting at the AGM and by proxy vote for (1) Limit on Travel Expenses, and (2) Life Memberships. Notices for these two items were supplied with the Winter edition of Aurora.

From the President - A Note on voting (updated 25 July)

Following the amendments to sections 51-54 of the ANARE club Constitution, the voting for the Council for 2018-19 is quite different from that for last year. This year, there will be only two forms of voting available:
  • Electronic voting via the website We are assuming that all members who have a listed email address will vote in this way. Members eligible to vote should have received an email by Monday evening 16 July 2018
  • Postal voting by means of a ballot paper which has been posted to all members eligible to vote, following the weekend of 14-15 July 2018, but ONLY for members for whom the Club does not have a listed email address.
Voting has opened and will close at COB 1 August 2018. Postal votes have an envelope supplied addressed to the Returning Officer. The procedure for electronic voting is on this page and also on the email sent to all eligible members with email addresses.

There will be NO voting for Council at the AGM on 6 August 2018 and there is no provision for proxy voting for the Council. It is expected that results of the election and therefore the Council for 2018-19 will be announced at the AGM.

These changes have been made because of some problems which have occurred in voting in recent years and are expected to improve the integrity of the voting system. Associated with each member eligible to vote is a 4 digit code (or PIN) which they will need when they either:
  • login to vote electronically, or
  • forward their ballot by post (it is written on the ballot paper envelope).
This 4 digit code can be used to vote only once. The electronic voting system will block any subsequent use of a code which has already been used. The 4 digit code on the postal ballot paper envelope will also be checked against the electronic voting system.

Profiles of the candidates are on the web so that you can make an informed choice when voting.

Eligible members are those who were financial for the year to 30 June 2018 or have paid subs to 30 June 2019 or later.

Issues and Queries with Voting:

  • Members who want to change the way that they vote, or
  • have any difficulties with voting, or
  • have not received either a postal voting form, nor
  • an email by Wednesday 18 July outlining how to vote
Should then:
  1. Note the code number/PIN if they have received it by post or by email
  2. Contact:
Note: Even if you do not have an email address but have received a postal voting form, you can choose to vote electronically. Login to the website using the instructions hereunder for electronic voting. You must use the four digit code that is marked on the envelope which was sent to you for postal voting.
After your vote is accepted by, discard the postal voting material. The system will block you from attempting to vote both electronically and by post.

These are the Statements by Candidates nominated for Election
and Statements by Candidates who will be automatically elected as sole nominees for
the positions of Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer

Procedure for Postal Voting:

The postal ballot paper which is being sent with Aurora to members without email addresses is shown at right and a large image can be seen or downloaded as a pdf for printing by clicking on the image.

There are two (2) candidates for the position of President. Vote by placing a cross “X” in the box beside the candidate of your choice.
There are eleven (11) candidates for the nine (9) positions of ordinary councillor. Vote by placing a cross “X” in the boxes for one, two, three candidates etc, as you please, BUT vote for no more than a total of nine councilors.

If you make a mistake on your voting paper, you can download and print another copy of the ballot paper but you MUST return the valid ballot paper in the envelope provided which has your four digit code on the outside.

Place your ballot paper in the envelope provided and place this envelope inside the envelope addressed to the returning officer. It must be posted in time to reach the returning officer by COB on Wednesday, 1 August 2018.

ballot paper

Postal ballot paper

Procedure for Electronic Voting:

The club is using a website which has been specifically established for electronic voting. We have checked out its credentials and it is evidently used by a large number of organizations and we are satisfied with the integrity of the system. An election has been simulated and we anticipate that we have sorted out any issues with its use.

If you had an email address listed with the Club, then you should have received an email from the club with the information required to vote electronically. This information will include a four digit code and the correct format for your name to be entered for a valid login. If you have not received this by COB Wednesday 18 July 2018, please contact Geoff at

At the right is the ballot paper which you will see after you have logged in. The website will present the list of candidates for President and ordinary councillors in a random order, unlike the postal ballot paper which has candidates arranged alphabetically by lastname. However the procedure for marking the ballot paper is exactly the same as for postal voting.

With your Internet browser, enter the address:

You will next see a request to Click this button to vote.

Then you will be asked to identify yourself i.e. login to vote. There wil be four fields as shown.

Of them, you must enter your First Name and Last Name and the 4 digit code exactly as listed on the email sent to you. The names are case sensitive. The first letter of First Name and Last Name must capitalised and the remainder in lower case e.g. Chris Smith, whereas CHRIS SMITH or chris smith are not acceptable.
The field member number is optional.
Click on Log in to Vote after entering all information.

If the login is not valid, please check that you have entered the first name and last name correctly (the format is also on your email sent from the Club) and four digit code. You may need to ensure that cookies are enabled.
If the login information is valid, then you should see the ballot paper as at right, although the names will be presented in a random order.
Note that there is an option to read the ballot form in LARGE PRINT (clicking on it will toggle between standard font size as shown and a larger font.

There are two (2) candidates for the position of President. Vote by left-button click of your mouse over the box beside the candidate of your choice. The click will place a cross “X” in the box.
There are eleven (11) candidates for the nine (9) positions of ordinary councillor. Vote by clicking the boxes for one, two, three candidates etc, as you please, BUT vote for no more than a total of nine councilors. Each click will place a cross “X” in the box.

If you make a mistake in your voting, you can unclick any “X” by clicking on the box again.
When you are satisfied with your ballot, click on the button Submit Your Vote. The Cancel button will return you to the login screen again and you can exit if you want to without recording a vote at this time.

After you submit your vote, it will then be recorded. After the period from election has expired at COB 1 August 2018, the postal votes will then be added to these tallies by the returning officer to determine the final election results.

ballot paper

Electronic ballot form
If there are issues for queries which may be common to several members, they will be posted here (anonymously) as FAQ’s.
Comments on the system are welcome. We appreciate your feedback.

Thank you for your participation
the Electoral Reform Team