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The International Association of Antarctic Tour Operators (IAATO) is an organisation comprising companies that conduct tourist operations in the Antarctic region.  IAATO promotes and practises safe and environmentally-friendly tourism in the region.
Link to IAATO.

Quark Expeditions

Quark Expedition is a US-based company that runs cruises to the Arctic and Antarctic using five ships including the nuclear powered 50 years of Victory.

Although the majority of their voyages are to the Antarctic Peninsula, they have, on occasion, visited East Antarctica and circumnavigated the continent.
Link to Quark Expeditions.

Cheesmans' Ecology Safaris

As the name suggest, Cheesmans' Ecology Safaris place an emphasis on nature and wildlife experiences.
Link to Cheesman's Ecology Safaris


Adventure Networks international (ANI) was formed in 1985 and was the first organisation to fly private citizens to Antarctica.  They created the first inland blue-ice runway at Patriot Hills and operated there for more than 20 seasons before moving to Union Glacier.

Antarctic Logistics & Expeditions (ALE) purchased ANI in 2003 and they effectively work as a team to provide services to individuals, groups, organisations and some National Programs.

Link to ANI.
Link to ALE.

Orion Expeditions

Orion Expeditions are of operations goes from Dumont d'Urville in the west to Cape Bird in the east; they use Hobart, Bluff and Dunedin as their non-Antarctic ports of call. 

They generally visit Macquarie Island and New Zealand's western sub-Antarctic island en-route to Mawson's Huts and the Ross Sea.
Link to Orion Expeditions' Antarctic Page.

G Adventures

Although based in Canada, G Adventures has an "Outpost " in Richmond, Melbourne, Australia. The website has an "adventure feel" about it and the trips may not be of interest to more mature travellers.  They advertise that they practice sustainable travel and run tours throughout the world.
Link to G Adventures.
Link to Melbourne Outpost

Heritage Expeditions

Heritage Expeditions is a New Zealand base company that runs one ship - Spirit of Enderby.  They are one of the few companies that visit New Zealand's sub-Antarctic islands, including the little visited Chatham Islands.
At times, AAD uses them to transport expeditioners to/from Macquarie Island.
Link to Heritage Expeditions.

Aurora Expeditions

Greg and Margaret Mortimer founded Aurora Expeditions, an Australian company in 1992; the company is named after Sir Douglas Mawson's ship.  Aurora Expedition's Antarctic voyages usually concentrate on the Antarctic Peninsula.
Link to Aurora Expeditions.