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Personal Antarctic Sites

There's only a few sites listed here but we'd like to display may more; if you have a site that you'd like us to link to, or if you know of somebody else's site, please contact the Webmaster.
Casey 2011 - Dave Barringhouse
Although designed for family and friends, Dave’s more than happy for others to look at his blog if interested. 

Justin and Jo - Davis
Justin is a chef at Davis and Jo is in Saudi Arabia.  A different type of blog describing two diametrically existences.

Petes Polar Place.
Pete's Polar Place is a web site dedicated to the literature and philately of polar regions and to a lesser extent to non-polar philately.

Wilkes Station History
Darryn Schneider and Bill Burch have set up an interesting site on the history of Wilkes station. 

Filled with photos and a sound 'bite' of the huskies being fed, it's a great record of a station long buried by ice and snow. 

Wilkes in 1957 as experienced by the American Richard J Berkley
This site is largely devoted to Melvin Oakes' transcription of the diary kept by Richard J Berkely during his year at Wilkes in 1957 as part of the USA's Operation Deep Freeze during the IGY of 1957-58 plus a considerable amount of material that Prof Oakes has collected about Richard (Dick) Berkely and about Wilkes.

Melvin Oakes is a retired professor of physics and he became a friend of Richard J. Berkley immediately after Richard's year at Wilkes when both entered graduate school at Florida State University.
Richard apparently showed slides at ANARE in Melbourne in March 1958 on his way home and Prof Oakes would appreciate anyone who has a knowledge of this visit and also of a movie about the 1957-58 program called "The Seven Cities of Antarctica."

The site has an enormous and fascinating collection of film records, the diary transcription itself, photos and information (as appraised by Geoff Payne). Many thanks Melvin for the link and your work.