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The links on this page point to the official sites of foreign governments' programmes, international organisations associated with Antarctica (e.g. CCAMLR, SCAR) and non-government organisations whose primary purpose is not tourism.

As mentioned on other pages, the ANARE Club is not responsible for the maintenance of these sites, nor does the Club take any responsibility for the sites' contents.

United Kingdom

The British Antarctic Survey (BAS) is the United Kingdom's primary Antarctic research organisation.  BAS is based at Cambridge in the UK and operates four year-round stations in Antarctica plus summer stations and logistic facilities. 
Link to the British Antarctic Survey.

United States of America

By far the largest programme on the continent, the United States (USAP) operates a number of stations but the two most recognised are McMurdo and South Pole.  ANARE uses McMurdo as a transit point for early season personnel transport to Casey.
Link to the United States Antarctic Program.


The Chinese Antarctic Research Expedition (CHINARE) is run by the Chinese Arctic and Antarctic Administration.  China operates a number of Antarctic stations but the one of most interest to Australia is Zhong Shan, with which Davis Station has regular contact.
Link to CHINARE.

New Zealand

To quote from their website, "Antarctica New Zealand is the Crown Entity responsible for developing, managing and executing New Zealand Government activities in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean, in particular the Ross Dependency".  
Link to Antarctica New Zealand.  


The Russian Antarctic Expedition (RAE) is responsible for Russia's Antarctic programme.  RAE operates three stations with which ANARE has regular contact (depending on the season and operational requirements) Vostok, Progress and Mirny.  They also operate other stations that do not have the same relevance to Australia.  
Link to the Russian Antarctic Expedition.


The National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research (NCAOR) is responsible for conducting India's Antarctic programme.
Link to NCAOR.

Antarctic Treaty Secretariat

The Antarctic Treaty Secretariat, Based in Buenos Aires, administers and manages tasked assigned to it by Treaty members at annual Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meetings (ATCM).
Link to the Antarctic Treaty Secretariat


The Council of Managers of National Antarctic Programs (COMNAP)  is effectively a liaison between the official government programs that operate in the Antarctic Treaty Area.  Its secretariat is hosted by the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand.
Link to COMNAP.

Scientific Committee
on Antarctic Research

The Scientific Committee on Scientific Research (SCAR) coordinates the the conduct of science in the Antarctic Treaty Area.  SCAR also provides advice to ATCMs (see above).
Link to SCAR.