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Photos from the 70th Year Heard Island Commemoration

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Photos from the 70th Heard Island Commemoration Luncheon - Melbourne
13th December, 2017 at the Bayview Eden.

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Photo Credits:
Ian Toohill: 1,2, 5, 34, 46-81
Geoff Payne: 3, 15, 21, 38, 39, 41, 42, 44
David Parer & Liz Parer-Cook - the rest

1_Group Heard Island:L to R: Max Downes, Dick Thompson, Tony Hall, Bill Bathurst, Norm Tame, Grahame Budd, (Doug Twigg Q'56), Jim Brooks, Dick McNair (sitting)
2_Fred Elliott - HI 1953
3_ MC Des Lugg welcoming the attended to the luncheon with the 8 attending veterans
4_ Des Lugg - MC of 70th Heard Island Commemoration
5_Nick Gales, Director of the Australian Antarctic Division
6_ Foreground: Dick Thompson, supply officer for the early HI expeditions
7_ (L) Joe Johnson and Nick Gales
8_Nick Gales (Director of AAD) and John Zillman (former head of BOM)
9_Max Downes (HI 1951) & Elizabeth Downes
10_ (L) Rob Nash and Dick McNair (HI 1953)
11_ (L) Jim Brooks (HI 1953) & Ian Bird
12_ (L to R) Scott Dempster, Dick Thompson (HI supply officer 1947-55), Tony Hall (HI DUKW), Bill Bathurst (HI DUKW)
13_ Patricia Selkirk and Grahame Budd (HI 1953, 1960, 1963, 1965 etc and 2012)
14_(L) David Parer, Clare Reoch - daughter of Dick Thompson & Dick Thompson (HI supply officer 1947-55)
15_ The attendees to the luncheon with the 8 attending veterans to celebrate HI 70th anniversary
16_Ann Shaw (L) - her father was Peter Shaw (HI 1953)
17_Jill Guise (wife of Arthur Guise (HI 1951)
18_ Judith Burnett (wife of Hedley Burnett (HI 1949)
19_ Eric Woehler& Inga Gilchrist (daughter of Alan Gilchrist (HI 1948)
20_ Ron Hann f/g, Max Downes (HI 1951), Elizabeth Downes, Dave Pottage, Geoff Payne (back)
21_ The luncheon
22_ Ian Dillon (HI 1965?) (L) and Ian Allison (HI 1980)
23_ Margaret and Ron Whitelaw (HI 2012), Ken McInnes, Jan Adolph (HI 2012)
24_ Christine and Greg Terrens
25_ David Ellyard
26_ John Manning (HI 1980)
27_ George Creswell
28_(L) Jan Adolph and Ron Hann
29_ Col Christiansen (HI 1985?)
30_ John Gillies (HI ?) and David Parer
31_ Trevor Luff (M1970) - auctions stamp covers and painting by Neil Roberts
32_ Painting of HI by Neil Roberts from photo taken by Matt Curnock, (HI 2012) - auctioned at Commemoration for $2,000
33_ Neil Roberts and Attila Vrana (HI winter 1992)
34_ Diane Hampshire (daughter of Johnny Abbotsmith HI 1948) presenting ANARE Club with ANARE Pennant
35_ (L to R) Diane Hampshire & Lorraine and Gary Abbotsmith - Diane & Gary are daughter and son of Johnny Abbotsmith (HI 1948)
36_ L to R: David Dodd, Joe Johnson & Dave Pottage, holding Jonny Abbotsmith's ANARE pennant - gifted by the family
37_ Rick Campbell-Drury, son of Alan Campbell-Drury, (HI 1948)
38_Ham radio set belonging to Alan Campbell-Drury (HI 1948) brought along by his son Rick
39_Morse key of ham radio set belonging to Alan Campbell-Drury (HI 1948) brought along by his son Rick
40_ Trevor Luff holding morse key of Hedley Burnett (HI 1949) - to be donated to the ANARE collection
41_ Newspaper report of first signals from Heard Island sent on Alan Campbell-Drury's ham radio set - before official masts erected
42_(L) Brian Harvey manning the ANARE Club's merchandise table
43_Kerry Watson & Mandy Dodd at the Heard Island merchandise table collecting money
44_Inspection of stamp covers to commemorate the 70th Anniversary - created by David Dodd and designed by Liz Parer-Cook
45_Robyn Leeder, printmaker/artist and Michael Dillon (HI 2012)
46_ Des Lugg - MC of 70th Heard Island Commemoration
47_ Joe Johnson, President, ANARE , welcome address
48_ ws Joe Johnson, President, ANARE , welcome address
49_ Nick Gales, Director Australian Antarctic Division
50_John Zillman, former Director Bureau of Meteorology
51_David Parer toasting the veterans
52_Grahame Budd speaking about Heard Island Expeditions and the ascent of Big Ben
53_Table 10
54_Table 1
55_Table at luncheon
56_Table 9
57_Table 2
58_Table 3
59_Table 4
60_Table 7
61_Table 5
62_Table 8
63_Dave Pottage (L) and Jan Adolph
64_David Dodd instigator of 70th Heard Island Anniversary Commemoration
65_Rick Campbell-Drury, son of Alan Campbell-Drury
66_Some of Alan Campbell-Drury's equipment from 1948 expedition to Heard Island
67_Diane Hampshire presenting her father John Abbotsmith's ANARE pennant to the ANARE Club
68_Gary Abbotsmith presenting his father, John Abbotsmith's ANARE pennant to the ANARE Club
69_Diane Hampshire reminiscences of her father John Abbotsmith, Heard Island 1948
70_Judith Burnett reflecting on her husband Hedley Burnett, Heard Island 1949 expeditioner
71_Bill Bathurst, DUKW Heard Island, 1955-6
72_Bill Bathurst, DUKW Heard Island, 1955-6
73_Dick McNair, cook, Heard Island 1953
74_Norm Tame, crew member Wyatt Earp, 1948
75_Brigid Bruer, wife of Michael Bruer, Heard Island, 1950
76_Sue Morgan, daughter of John Russell, Heard Island, 1952
77_Jom Brooks, Heard Island, 1953
78_Fred Elliott, Heard Island , 1953
79_Grahame Budd, Heard Island 1954 et al
80_Dick Thompson, Supply Officer for Heard Island 1952-5
81_Tony Hall, DUKW Heard Island, 1953/4, 1954/5