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Donations of ANARE Memorabilia and the Cultural Gifts Program

Given that we all seem to be going through the 'Age of Downsizing', I am sure that many of our veteran ANARE members are facing similar dilemmas when deciding what to do with ANARE memorabilia they have accumulated during their service down South. You can either, send it off to the local Opportunity Shop and put it to Auction. The recent auction of ANARE memorabilia ( 1947/48 Macquarie Island and Heard Island photographs,etc), is a case in point where the effects of a deceased ANARE veteran were acquired by a collector and were then sold at auction.

The purpose of this memo is to alert ANARE members, to the fact that Antarctic memorabilia (not only ANARE items, but associated items, such as rare book collections, signature items, photographs. etc.), are able to be donated to Australian Museums, Libraries, etc. under the Australian Government's Cultural Gifts Program, whereby the donor or the donors estate, receives, after the assessment of the material, a tax deduction. I am sure we would all like to see ANARE families benefiting in this regard and at the same time seeing the material being retained as part of Australia's proud history of involvement in Antarctica.

While there are obviously a number of Australian institutions who have Government approval under the Program to acquire such material, it is recommended that the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery (TMAG), with their ongoing development of Antarctic Collections, be identified as the suitable repository for members wishing to either simply donate memorabilia or if the items are judged to be valuable, to be donated under the Program.

The Director of the TMAG, Dr Bill Bleathman, has indicated his welcome interest in receiving donations of Antarctic material and they already have longstanding acquisition and material management policy required under the Program. The AAD is not a recipient organisation under the Program. For more information about the Program go to

Accordingly, if you would like to discuss donating your Antarctic memorabilia please contact Ms Elspeth Wishart, Senior Curator, Cultural Heritage, TMAG, telephone 03 6211 4139,or by email at Elspeth Wishart.