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The management of the Club is entrusted to the Club's National Council, a body of members elected each year at the annual general meeting.  The composition of Councils is prescribed in the Club's Constitution.  All Councillors are volunteers and receive no remuneration apart from reimbursement of costs incurred in carrying out their duties.

A copy of the Club's Constitution and information about administrative matters, may be accessed here.

The members of your National Council 2019-2020 are:

President Richard Unwin
Vice President Liz Parer-Cook
Secretary Trevor Luff
Treasurer David Dodd
Dr Margaret Whitelaw Membership Officer and Facebook Editor
Peter Field Webmaster
Lee Sice
Dean Campbell
Ron Hann
David Parer
Duncan MacKenzie
Brian Harvey Sales Officer
Ian Toohill
Dr David Ellyard Editor of "Aurora"
Dr Joe Johnson Immediate Past President

Richard Unwin.
Richard Unwin

Station Year Season Job
Mawson 2002 Winter Instrumentation Electrician

I wintered at Mawson Station 2002 as an instrumentation electrician and part of the team to install the wind turbines. I am an Electrician with experience in remote power generation and photovoltaic installations and green buildings across Australia and Pacific Islands. My previous career was as a Racing car mechanic throughout Europe and Asia for 5 years and crewing on race cars here in Australia. I currently manage my own company ANTL, an appliance safety and certification testing laboratory.

My involvement with the ANARE club started upon my return from Mawson station and I have held various roles on the QLD committee and previously have been the ANARE Club 'Qld. Rep.' on National Council.

Liz Parer-Cook.
Liz Parer-Cook

After completing a B.Arts (Hons.) in Sociology at UNSW in 1972, Liz moved to Melbourne to complete her B.Ed before becoming a FAUI Dive Instructor. Then in 1979 she began work with the ABC Natural History Unit helping make wildlife films, with David Parer until 2008, specialising in research, recording sound, and taking still photographs. She first went south in 1981 on a Round Trip to Commonwealth Bay, visiting Casey, Dumont Durville & Macquarie Island. Then in the summer of 1982 she dived at Davis Station before travelling to Mawson Station for five weeks to help film a re-enactment of Mawson's ill-fated 1911-14 AAE Expedition during the summer. She was involved in making documentaries "Antarctic Man" about a biomedical expedition, "Surviving Extremes" and a couple of books. With David, she spent part of the 1989 autumn/winter at Marambio (Arg.) on the Antarctic Peninsula then in 1990 went to the Crozet Islands (Fr.) to help make "Wolves of the Sea", a program about Killer whales. During 2017-9 she was heavily involved in organizing the Heard & Macquarie Is. 70th & the Mawson 65th Anniversary Celebrations.

Liz with Moby

Liz with Moby in 1982 on the plateau behind Mawson Station during a break in filming.(Photo: Rowan Butler)

Liz is keen to transition a new generation of expeditioners to help run the Club to rejuvenate it, and make it more valuable to them, while celebrating the achievements of the veteran expeditioners & preserving the history of ANARE.

Trevor Luff.

Station Year Season Job
Mawson 1970 Winter Diesel Mechanic
Senior Diesel Mechanic Mawson 1970. Included 'Amery Ice Shelf' Glaciological Survey on Snow Cruisers / Tractor train depot run to 'Moore Pyramid' / Dog Trip to 'Taylor Emperor Penguin Rookery' / Tractor train depot run 'Spring Trip' to 'Mt Creswell' & just to finish the year another depot run to 'Moore Pyramid'.

Active member ANARE Qld. & committee positions also include that of President. Currently Vice President and ANARE Club 'Qld. Rep.' on National Council.

ANARE Club Rep V2 1998 and attended the 'Antarctic Tasmania Midwinter Festival' in 2005 & rostered on as a guide on the Aurora Australis (in port) during this period.

I have attended many committee meetings in Brisbane over the years with my main club activity being that of fund raiser. Have been guest speaking at Lions Clubs, Rotary Clubs & many other organisations & schools.

Committee member that assembled the Qld touring display 'Our Frozen Frontier' in 1997. If re-elected I look forward to being part of a year that I feel will be a watershed moment in regards to increasing membership / participation, in particular the lost / last decade members, refining Midwinter Dinner protocols & lifting the ANARE Club up to another level.

David Dodd.

David wintered at Macquarie Island in 1961 as a Met. Observer and as Observer in Charge at Davis in 1963. Sailed south on the Magga Dan, Thala Dan and the Nella Dan and in 2007 tried to rescue the Thala Dan from a ship breakers yard in Rio de Janeiro. He has been a member of the Club since 1974, a Councillor since 2011 and a member of the Aurora Packers group.

After retiring from a lengthy career in Victorian universities and Schools as an administrator, he returned to work part time at the Royal Society of Victoria as a project officer on Antarctic projects, such as the anniversary flyover of the South Magnetic Pole in 2009, the Professor Neumayer Centenary Symposium and still finds time to lecture on board the summer Sightseeing Flights to Antarctica and to write articles on Australian Polar History.

David was also Project Officer for the 150th anniversary commemorations of the Burke and Wills Expedition 1860-61 and as a Committee member of the Burke and Wills Historical Society, travels regularly to Outback Queensland and overseas.

He has a Master's degree on the Germanic connections with the Expedition and has authored a chapter in a recently released book on the Aboriginal contribution to the Expedition.

General Council Member
Membership Officer
Dr Margaret Whitelaw.
Margaret spent the 2004/2005 summer at Davis as a scientist collecting material from Lake Laternula and Watts Lake in the Vestfold Hills as part of her organic geochemistry research.

In 2011 Margaret represented the ANARE Club to accompany  Phil and Nel Law's ashes to be laid to rest at Mawson.

Tourist visits to Macquarie Island, Commonwealth Bay-Mawson's Hut, Dumont d'Urville and the Auckland Islands in 2008. Heard Island in 2012.

Margaret joined the ANARE Club in 2005 and was elected as Vice President of the NSW Branch of the Club in 2006. Margaret has also served as acting Secretary, was responsible for the NSW newsletter and helped with the organisation of NSW Midwinter Dinners.
Digging fossil shells from the permafrost

Margaret has served as Membership Officer since her election to the National Council in 2010 and has contributed to Aurora.

Margaret has a degree in chemistry, Master of Science in geology and a PhD in organic geochemistry.

General Council Member
Peter Field.
Peter Field

Station Year Season Job
Davis 1996 Winter Coordinator Communications Technical Officer
Mawson 2002 Winter Supervisor Communications Technical Officer

After returning from my second trip down South I was not quite yet motivated to join our Club. After catching up with past acquaintenances I started attending Mid Winter dinners and was co-opted into becoming a Council Member of the Qld Branch. This lead me to recently apply to offering my assistance in the Webmaster and I.T. Manager role and running for a National Council position. I hope I can continue the committed work of my predecessors and maybe one day bring a modern look to our website.

My first trip to Davis was an excuse to get me away from an Army posting in Darwin, which I enjoyed so much I was enticed to Mawson a few years later. Having worked in various telecommunications roles, I am currently a Project Manager working at Telstra rolling out the NBN in the Telstra Exchanges (not the home). To complement my experience I have also attained a Master of Information Technology along with various other associated qualifications.

Peter Field
On top of Big Red, a far cry from Antarctica

General Council Member
Lee Sice.
Lee Sice

Station Year Season Job
Mawson 2009 Winter Electrician

I joined the ANARE club in 2009 when I was the wintering Electrician, BSS & Fire Chief @ Mawson when someone said "you need to join the club". To this day I still well up when talking about Antarctica.

I live in Geraldton WA on the Mid-West Coast, lots of wind, surf and sun. I have a wife and 2 x 20 something years old kids. I am a keen photographer, (partly from my trip south), love camping, hiking and I love to sail most weekends and am a committee member of the local yacht club (GYC).

There is a keen bunch of ANARE guys and gals in the Mid-West, be sure to look us up on your way through this part of the world.

If there is anything, I can do for any WA club members please drop me a line.

Lee Sice

General Council Member
Dean Campbell.

Station Year Season Job
Casey 2015/16 Summer/Winter Carpenter

After my 12 months on the ice I attended the Queensland ANARE Club Midwinter dinner where I was elected onto the Queensland committee. Since then, I have shown an interest in the club and found myself on the National committee as one of the younger councillors. I hope to bring fresh eyes and ideas to the club and help with increasing the membership to the club, in particular with engaging more recent expeditioners. I still have a lot to learn and I look forward to the opportunity.

I live in Eumundi on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, where I work as a carpenter for my family's business. I love playing any sport that involves a ball as well as any outdoor activity I can get time to do. When I was down in Antarctica, I went to Casey station where I worked as a carpenter. During my time there we started the construction of the Casey Utility Building (CUB), continued the Red Shed accommodation fit-out, and worked on plenty of maintenance jobs. I was also the Cane Line Co-ordinator and a member of the Search and Rescue (SAR) team which was a great excuse to get off station and practice climbing into a crevasse!

I have met many great people through the whole Antarctica experience and being part of the club allows me to meet so many more interesting people that share common interests and have amazing stories. It is important we keep this club strong for many reasons and I am honoured to be a councillor.


General Council Member
Ron Hann.
Joined ANARE club  - 1968

Station Year Season Job
Wilkes 1967 Winter Electrician SEFM
Macquarie Island 1970 Winter
I joined the Anare Club after wintering as the Senior Electrician at Wilkes in 1967 and went on to spend a second year at Macquarie island in 1970. I have been a member of the Anare Club since that time and have been a committee member of the SA Branch on and off over the past 20 years.

I am a Life Member of Apex including 2 terms as club President over a period of 12 years.
I am currently a Rotarian of 30 years, a Paul Harris Fellow and Past President of my club.

After being elected to the National Council at the 2014 AGM I have enjoyed working with a very diverse and hard working group of people. More importantly, I have found that being directly involved in the discussion and decision making of National Council helps me to to inform our SA Branch members on how the Anare Club is run and to explain the various projects undertaken.

Having been re-elected to council for a second term, I look forward to continuing to support the council in it's endeavours to continually improve the administration and strategic directions taken by the club, particularly in it's support of past and present expeditioners.
I am also very happy to continue my SA branch representation on the National Council

General Council Member
David Parer.
David Parer Producer Cameraman
Station Year Season Job
Mawson 1970 Winter Physicist
Mawson 1972 Winter Physicist
Macquarie Is 1975 Winter Film-maker

After completing a B.Sc. (Hons) in Physics at Monash University in 1968, David joined the Australian Antarctic Division. Between 1969-73 he wintered twice at Mawson Station as a cosray physicist. During this time, he made three documentaries - "Broken Silence", about the Prince Charles Mountain summer survey, and "Antarctic Winter" and "Antarctic Summer" about the wildlife. Forsaking physics for filmmaking, David joined the ABC's Natural History Unit and wintered on Macquarie Island in 1975, making a four-part series called "Edge of the Cold" about the island's history and wildlife.

Since then David and his wife Elizabeth Parer-Cook have made films in the Antarctic and sub-antarctic including "Antarctic Man" about a biomedical expedition; "Wolves of the Sea" about killer whales; "Mysteries of the Ocean Wanderers" about wandering albatross; and "Surviving Extremes" about the types of personalities that are best suited for living in the Antarctic and comparing them with successful astronauts.

David wants to help rejuvenate the ANARE Club; bring it into the 21st Century; and help make it representative of the views of all members, especially younger ones, while retaining the proud history and traditions of the older members.

1981 David Parer
David Parer, Producer & Camerman

General Council Member
Duncan MacKenzie.
OAM, F.R.M.A.A. F.M.A.A. F.A.I.I.M. F.A.I.C.D
Duncan MacKenzie
Station Year Season Job
Macquarie Is 1964 Summer Biologist
Macquarie Is 1965 Summer Biologist
Macquarie Is 1966 Summer and Winter Biologist
Macquarie Is 1967 Summer Biologist

I joined the ANARE Club in 1964 when I first 'headed South' to work on Macquarie Island as a biologist. The Island is one of the world's 'greatest natural biological laboratories' and I loved every minute of my stay there, working principally on an ecological study of the Royal Penguin, my own project on fur seals and some work on Elephant Seals!

In mid 1967 I returned to Australia, as the Commonwealth Government had asked me to move to Adelaide to help set up and manage the biological Division of the Mawson Institute for Antarctic Research at the University of Adelaide. Due to a lack of government funding support for biological research, I moved back into the 'business world' a few years later.

My passion for nature and the environment first developed at age 11 and has never abated. I am currently the Chairman of BirdLife Australia Gluepot Reserve (20 years) and am a Life Member of BirdLife Australia. I am on the board of BirdLife Australia and am the President of SA Friends of Parks Inc. I have recently been appointed as the first Chairman of the Adelaide International Bird Sanctuary. I am a member of the South Australian Parks and Wilderness Council and a member of the Volunteering SA/NT Strategy Working Group and a Committee of Management member of the Landcare Association of SA. I am the past Chairman of Ecotourism Australia (8 years) and the South Australian Tourism Industry Council (8 years). I am Chief Scientist on the Management Committee of the Scientific Expedition group (SEG) and am a past Australia District Governor and International Chairman of Kiwanis International.

My main skills have been in the development, organization and management of large commercial and community organizations and scientific research projects, both in Australia and overseas. My expertise covers the areas of fundraising, marketing and communications, business and finance, organizational development and system analysis.

Duncan MacKenzie2
Duncan MacKenzie
Going back to my Scottish heritage.

General Council Member
Sales Officer
Brian Harvey.
Station Year Season Job
Mawson 1977 Winter Diesel Mechanic
Macquarie Is 1979 Winter Diesel Mechanic
Casey 1981 Winter Diesel Mechanic
Brian first joined the ANARE Club in 1976 after three winters down south (Mawson 1977, Macquarie Island 1979 and Casey 1981) as a diesel mechanic.  

He became motivated to become involved in the club administration in 1987 after the sinking of Nella Dan. He has served on national council for many years and has been president several times, most recently in 2007-2009. 

Brian has been involved in many ANARE Club projects including the Nella Dan,  the Huskies Jubilee and  a project with Susan Gordon-Brown to record the stories of tradespeople whom have worked down south. 

A Hagglunds - one of the vehicles the diesel mechanics have to maintain

General Council Member
Ian Toohill.
Ian Toohill

Ian served in Antarctica in the summer of 1982/83 as an Army Reserve "Larcie" with the Army Detachment to ANARE. He was involved in resupply voyages to all three Australian Bases and Macquarie Island. Leave for military service had been granted by the Victorian Education Department with a request that he make an educational documentary on life down south for Victorian secondary schools. As a teacher he was a film and TV producer for the Education Department at the time. The Army agreed and he summered over at Mawson where he completed the film; "Mawson Base Face to Face". His other role there was to clean up the base by dumping a large quantity of refuse in Kista strait. (unacceptable today!)

He also took a large quantity of photographs and approached Phil Law to open an exhibition at a Port Melbourne Art Gallery in 1984. A friendship developed and over a twenty year period Ian recorded Phil's life story and subsequently co-published his oral history with the Royal Society of NSW, titled Dr Phillip Garth Law his extraordinary life and times

Ian joined the ANARE Club in the late 80's and has served on the Council on many occasions, including in the capacity as Vice-President. As a photographer and TV producer he has documented many Club events over the years including both the 90th and 95th birthday celebrations for Phil Law.

Ian has performed the role of Club Oral history coordinator for a number of years and is currently responsible for the ongoing collection, collation, transcription and repository of well over 100 expeditioner interviews done by a number of members over recent years.

Ian retired from the Army Reserve as a Major in 2014, having served continuously since joining in 1968 and being conscripted the following year. He still teaches part-time at Montmorency Secondary College. He is married to Annette, has four children and 6 grandchildren.

Ex-Officio Council Member
Editor of "Aurora"
Dr David Ellyard.
David Ellyard
David has been active in the ANARE Club for 40 years and for almost that long has been Master of Ceremonies at the NSW Branch Midwinter dinners.  He has served in just about every position on the NSW Committee, as well as President (two years), Treasurer (two years) and a General Committee Member on the National Council.

David wintered as the cosmic ray physicist at Mawson in 1966. He has organised several reunions of the Mawson 66 party and is now pulling together the gathering in 2016 which will mark 50 years.

In 2003 he was the ANARE Club representative on Voyage 2 of Aurora Australis spending a week at Davis. In 2011 he travelled to Mawson's Huts at the invitation of the Antarctic Division to participate in the celebrations of the 100th anniversary of Sir Douglas Mawson landing at Commonwealth Bay.

Cosray Telescopes at Mawson

David is a science communicator, writer and public speaker with a particular interest in the issue of climate change. He currently teaches the history of science at the University of NSW and is active in Rotary and the Australian Science Communicators.

Ex-Officio Past President
Dr Joe Johnson, OAM.
Station Year Season Job
Casey 1981 Winter Officer-in-Charge
Davis 1988 Winter Station Leader

I was Voyage Leader on Polar Bird in the 2001/2 summer (during which time the vessel became "Mawson East" during its long besetment) and on Kapitan Khlebnikov on Voyage 1 of 2002.  

In 2000, at the request of the Director, I undertook a review of the role and functions of the Operations Branch at the Australian Antarctic Division, and I was joint author of the feasibility study into the current air link between Australia and Antarctica. I was the Chair of the Australian Antarctic Names and Medals Committee from 2002 to 2014.

I have been a member of the Club since 1982, and served on National Council as an ordinary councillor from 2010 to 2012, during which time I drafted the revised Rules of Association. I was President in 2013-14 and 2014-15, and was re-elected President in 2017 and again in 2018. I was awarded the Australian Antarctic Medal in 2001. I was awarded the Order of Australia Medal in 2020 for service to veterans and the community.

I am a Viet-Nam veteran and spent 38 years in the Australian Army, mainly in the Army Reserve, retiring as a colonel, and I hold the Conspicuous Service Cross and the Reserve Forces Decoration.

Originally a teacher, I joined the Public Service in 1984 and have held a variety of positions in the legal field, in criminal, administrative, environmental and international law in the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, The Attorney-General's Department and in the Department of the Environment. I have been a speaker at international law forums in the US and in history at the Maritime Museum, Greenwich, UK.

I am a volunteer education officer at the Australian War Memorial, an engineer on the National Museum of Australia's restored Murray River paddle-steamer PS Enterprise, (I have a boiler certificate), I am past president of the Probus Club of Canberra, Chairman of the Reserve Forces Day Council, a member of the Scottish-Australia Heritage Council and Vice-President of the Heraldry Society of Australia and have published articles on Polar Heraldry.

I have an honours degree in Divinity and post-graduate degrees in Arts and Laws as well as a PhD, and I am a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and a member of the Royal Scottish Geographical Society and have researched at the Scott Polar Research Institute at the University of Cambridge. I am a member of the Royal Society of Victoria. I have recently completed a history of the contribution of the Scots to Antarctic exploration which will be published by the Erskine Press in the UK under the title Saltire beyond the Sea-Ice, hopefully some time in 2020.
Law, Johnson, Quilty at Davis 1998
Phil Law, Joe Johnson and Pat Quilty at Davis in January 1998, during Phil's last visit to Antarctica