Action Sheet for Club Berth Holder

1. Applicant advised they are the Nominated Representative by National Council - Usually the President or Secretary.

Contact/Be contacted by - Antarctic Division Liasion Representative for advice regarding Medical Screenings.

Undertake Medical Screening documentation and testing as required by Polar Medicine.

Contact ANARE Club Sales Officer to ensure Sales items are shipped to AAD prior to Cargo Closing dates for the voyage.

Check AAD website - Shipping schedules - for Voyage Cargo Closing dates

Contact Voyage Management to ensure an e-con (consignment note) is submitted for the Sales items. - WOV - (Wanted on Voyage access)

Items that sell are - Polo shirts-long and short sleeve, Caps, Beanies, badges, car stickers, pens, key rings, stubby holders, - occassional ties.

Contact the ANARE Club Information Technology team to ensure a Club Berth Report is set-up and tested well prior to departure. Provide a e-photo to the webmaster for using on the Club Berth web-pages. Currently the NSW webmaster uploads the Club berth blogs which are linked by the National pages. Pictures/emails from the ship will need to be small- approximately 10-20 kb.

6. Obtain copies of the Anare Club Expeditioner Pre Departure/Club Berth offer (Free joining for new members joining Pre-Departure/via Club Berth representative. Membership fees become due the following July)

7. Prepare/obtain a presentation promoting the ANARE Club for onboard lecture series.

8. Obtain the ANARE Club Recording equipment to complete some Oral History recordings during the voyage. You will require - the recorder, microphones x2 (spare batteries), power supply, Recorder Memory cards, card reader. Copies of the Oral history approval forms for the signature or anyone you take recordings of. Blank forms are usually with the equipment.

9. Organise flights/ accommodation in departure port with sufficient time available to participate in all AAD Pre-Departure sessions as required.

10. Ensure you have a smart phone or easy mobile access to email for all notifications received from the AAD.

11. Obtain ANARE logo clothing (badge on a vest, polo shirt etc) for use pre-departure and on board, especially during the first few days of a voyage.

Your Personal Cabin Cargo is limited to 30 kg, including Antarctic Division supplied kit (in bags <15kg). Baggage is weighed prior to boarding. This leaves about 10-15kg for your personal luggage, including cameras, computers.

Official approval to board may not be received until shortly prior to departure (within days)

Prior to Boarding :

Ensure you have:

- Several paper copies of Expeditioner Pre-Departure/Club Berth Offer for distribution.

- Several paper copies of Aurora Sales page - for Sales pricing and Credit card processing

- Paper/laminated copies of Anare Sales web pages - for display of Sales items available.

- Paper copies of the hard-copy membership application from the Join the Club webpage.

- Cash float in small change/notes. (Items in zip-locked bags are handy)

- A spreadsheet file of All members, including financial members. (alphabetically sorted)

- A few Aurora journals for display/distribution.