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A message from the President, July 2016. neil

ANARE Club 2016 Mid Winter Dinner Survey.

I have been kept very busy in the last few weeks with the compilation and analysis of the recent MWD Survey, we had 80 forms returned from members in all states which represents 11% of our total membership. On behalf of the Club, I would like to thank all the members that participated in the survey.

The National Council has no influence on the running of the interstate MWD functions, however I will pass the survey results to the state branches for their information.

We should remember that the answers given by our members are their very honest and personal thoughts on this very important event in our yearly calendar, and we, as the National Council should be doing our best to accommodate their requests. If you read the comments file you will feel how passionate the members are on certain topics and like it or not, we have to listen to them. The incoming 2017 council will address the findings in due course.

A summary of the results are now on the ANARE Club web site, look for the scrolling banner on the home page. A complete summary of results is listed under Midwinter Dinner section and look for “Midwinter Dinner Survey”, it contains the full spreadsheet, comments and the summary.

Phil Law Medal Winner

One of the great privileges of being the President of the ANARE Club is being asked to present the highest award that the club will bestow, which is the Phillip Law Medal.

The Phillip Law Medal was established by the ANARE Club to celebrate the life and achievements of Dr Phillip Garth Law, the Club's founder and patron. The Medal was first awarded in 2011.

As you would know, Dr Law was the founding Director of the Australian Antarctic Division, a position in which he served from 1949 until 1966.  He was a major influence in Antarctic affairs as a leader, an explorer and an administrator.

The medal is awarded to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to Antarctic Affairs and the Antarctic community.  

It gives me great pleasure to announce that the winner of the 2016 P. G. Law Medal is:-

Professor Patrick (Pat) Quilty AM.

Pat Quilty is an Honorary Research Professor, University of Tasmania, School of Earth Sciences and Institute

of Antarctic and Marine Sciences.

Pat first visited Antarctica in 1965-1966 as a field palaeontologist with the University of Wisconsin Ellsworth Land, Antarctica. He has since made numerous other working trips south including 3 summers in the Vestfold Hills (investigating fossil whales that he discovered in 1989), and his participation in 3 ANARE marine science voyages.

Pat was a leader of the Australian Antarctic Division science program for over 18 years (December 1980 till March 1999). He served as the Deputy Director (Research), Assistant Director (Science) and as ANARE Chief Scientist. During this period he was very active in international Antarctic leadership, serving as a vice-president of the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) for 4 years (1994-1998) and chairing the organisation of the XXth meeting of SCAR in Hobart in 1988, as well as symposia on the Vestfold Hills (1984) and Macquarie Island (1987).

I presented the award to Pat at the Hobart MWD.

Meeting with TMAG

Because I was in Hobart for the presentation of the P.G. Law Medal on Saturday 18th June at the Hobart MWD, I had arranged a meeting with Janet Carding, the Director of Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery (TMAG) for Monday 20th June for the purpose of following up on previous discussions with her regarding a substantial permanent Antarctic Museum for the future. The discussions were very fruitful and she has given me some other contacts to follow up on, which I will attend to over the coming weeks.


I would also like to remind all members that the Annual General Meeting of the ANARE Club will be held at Bayview Eden in Queens Road, Melbourne, on Sunday 21st August at 2-00PM and you are all welcome to attend.

Club Berth on AAD Airlink

I first raised the question as to whether the ANARE Club could be offered a seat on one of the flights to the Antarctic Continent with Dr. Nick Gales during my visit with him in February, he suggested that he would consider the request and he explained that there was a few logistical problems to overcome such as the uncertainty of an accurate departure date from both ends due mainly to weather conditions which would impact on the member. This berth would be in addition to the “Club Berth” on the ship.

I have not had any response to our request to date, but I recently sent a reminder to Dr. Gales of which I have not had a reply at this time. We can only wait in hope of a positive result.

Antarctic Festival

The club council has agreed that we as a club will be represented at the upcoming Hobart Antarctic Festival in September. This will be a huge event which has been conducted in the past but was cancelled due to lack of funding, but it is back again this year and it looks like it will be bigger than ever. We will be promoting the club and offering “subscriber” memberships and club merchandise for sale to the public and any 2017 expeditioners that happen to be in town at the time.


Neil Brandie