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Obituaries & Tributes

Obituaries and Tributes 2018

Vale- Gordon Jones

Station Year Season
Casey 1974 Winter

Sad news in via George Peake - Gordon Jones had a massive stroke last night passed away.
Like so many others Gordon came from "the bush" - Woomelang to be precise and went to school at Maryborough Technical College.
He was a member of the Telegraphist's Class of 1957 and was a Supervisor who spent a lot of his time down on the 3rd Floor.
Gordon also spent 12 months as a member of the 1974 Casey Base Wintering Party as a Radio Operator.
As you can all appreciate the family is in a state of shock given the suddenness of Gordon's passing.
RIP Gordon - our thoughts are with your Family and Friends.
The funeral for the Late Gordon Jones will be conducted Friday 2pm in the Cirrus Chapel Bunurong Memorial Park 790 Dandenong-Frankston Road, Dandenong South.
Email received from Ralph "Noddy" Fletcher, 17/12/18


Vale- Pat Quilty AM

Chief Scientist at the AAD 1980-1999

It is with sorrow that I heard that Pat Quilty passed away this afternoon.
Pat, as I am sure most of you know, was a Phillip Law Medalist, a Member of the Order of Australia and a very distinguished geologist and geomorphologist with a long association with the Antarctic. He was a former Chief Scientist at the AAD and led the Division's science program for more than 18 years from 1980-1999, and undertook significant research into the geology of the Davis region, especially into fossil remains at Marine Plains. He was noted as a palaeontologist specializing in the surface and subsurface earth sciences of Antarctica. The Quilty Nunataks are named for his initial service in Antarctica, at which time he was connected to the University of Wisconsin in the USA. For four years, Pat was vice-president of the peak international Antarctic science body, the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR).
At the time of his death he was an Honorary Research Professor at the University of Tasmania.
When details of his funeral arrangements come to hand, I will pass these on.
Email received from Joe Johnson 26/08/18


Vale- Peter Leslie Gray

Station Year Season
Casey 1982 Winter
Davis 1985 Winter

It is with regret that I pass on the attached obituary for Peter Gray published in the Adelaide Advertiser on 11 Apr 2018.
Peter was a member of the Anare Club until 2009 and was a regular attendee at the SA Branch Midwinter Dinners.
GRAY, Peter Leslie. Born 27th August, 1952, first child of Doris May (nee Johnson) (deceased) and Leslie Arthur Gray, brother to Susan Ann and Christine Mary, happily married to Vera, passed away on the 31st March, 2018 in Arizona USA at age 65, after a long battle with lymphoma. Peter and Vera moved to Arizona in the autumn of 2010 for work reasons, prior to this they resided at Ingle Farm and both worked at Mawson Lakes. Peter's working life as an electrician was centered mainly in Adelaide with contractors and the university, plus wintering twice with Australian Antarctic expeditions to Casey 1982 and Davis 1985. He will be sadly missed by Vera, her daughter Alyona, husband Gabriel and family, and by me (his father), my wife Jillian and her family. May you rest in peace.
Email received from Ron Hann 13/04/18


Vale- Alfons (Alf) Bolza

Station Year Season
Macquarie Island 1955 Winter
Mawson 1958 Winter

I regret to advise you that Alfons (Alf) Bolza died on 28th March 2018, aged 100. He was a weather observer at Macquarie Island and later at Mawson in the 50s.
Email received from Joe Bolza 5/04/18


Vale- Chris Stucki

Station Year Season
Casey 1988 Winter

Chris Stucki, chef at Casey in 1988, died on the 10th March. Chris had Stucki's Restaurant in Hobart which some of may remember.
Chris' family are having a private funeral.
Email received from Jan Adolph 15/03/18


Vale- Dr Peter Guy

Station Year Season
Macquairie Is 1974 Winter
Mawson 1975 Winter

Trevor Luff has advised of the passing of Dr Peter Guy. His funeral was on 23rd January on the Sunshine Coast.
Peter was very well known to Qld ANARE and has spent the past few years in Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast.
Email received from Trevor Luff via Margaret Whitelaw 22/01/18


Vale- Fred Elliott

Fred Elliot
Station Year Season
Heard Island 1953 Winter
Mawson 1955 Winter
Mawson 1958 Winter

It is with a great degree of sadness that I advise you of the death of our esteemed Antarctic colleague and friend, Fred Elliott.
After a period of time in hospital he returned to Melville Grange and into palliative care.
This afternoon Fred died in the presence of his family; his daughter Kirstie told me that he regained conciousness and momentarily recognised her and then died peacefully.
As soon as the funeral arrangements have been attended too, Kirtsie will let me know I will advise you the details by email.
R.I.P Fredrick (Fred) Winston Elliott      b. 29/12/1928  d. 10/09/2018
Our thoughts are now with his family, his daughters Penny and Kirstie, and his dear friend and companion Robin Allison.
Email received from Ray "Gaffer" McMahon 10/09/18
Fred Elliott will have a private family burial at the Berwick cemetery, 10 AM Monday 17th September.
At 11.30 a Celebration of Life gathering to remember Frederick Winston Elliott will take place at the lakeside within the parkland at Wilson Botanic Park in Berwick. Melways Map 111 B7
The family have invited you all to attend.
Email received from Brian Harvey 13/09/18


Vale- Helmut Sell

Station Year Season
Casey 1976 Winter

Good morning,
I am the daughter of Helmut Sell, he was an expeditioner to Casey station in either 1975 or 1976, spending 14 months down there.He passed away on the 27th of August 2018.
Would it be possible for his notice to be added to the next newsletter, and added to the obituaries online as well?
Email received from Viola Sell 31/08/18


Vale- Selwyn ("Sel") Peacock

Station Year Season
Casey/Davis/Mawson 1990-2001 Summers (Various)
Mawson 2002 Winter

I have just received the sad news that Selwyn ("Sel") Peacock passed away this morning.
Sel was a Plant Operator for many summers at Casey, Davis and Mawson between 1990 and 2001. He wintered at Mawson in 2002 working on preparations for the installation of the wind turbines.
Many of us will have good memories of Sel both down south and back home.
Email received from Jan Adolph, 17/07/18


Vale- Norman Robert Jew

Norman Jew
Station Year Season
Mawson 1968 Winter

My father Norman Robert Jew (5 May 1938 ­ 18 June 2018) wintered with ANARE at Mawson in 1968. Dad was a radio technician by trade, and my understanding is that he played a role in communications support for the expedition.
Amongst his legacies were boxes of Kodachrome slides of his time down south - highlights include such things as Russian planes visiting at Christmas, an expedition out on to the Amery Ice Shelf; pictures from onboard the Nella Dan; along with of course the pictorial record of daily life at the station.
These slides were pivotal in sparking my own interest in photography, nature and remote places. I have been fortunate to be able to touch the continent on a few of short tourist trips to the greater Peninsula region in the last 20 years. My trips - while brilliant in themselves - only gave me a minute teaser as to what dad's year at Mawson would have entailed. So from his Antarctic pictures and his stories was born a career in nature photography that has spanned my entire working life. That connection with him that will last forever and I know my work made him very proud.
Email received from Darren Jew 3/07/18


Vale- Dr Janet Reynolds

Station Year Season
Davis 1992 Winter
Casey 1997 Winter
Mawson 2000 Winter

Doctor Janet Reynolds, who wintered at all three Antarctic mainland stations as medical officer (D92, C97, M00) passed away March 31, 2018, aged 76.
She served for many years as a GP in St Ives, NSW, as well as spending a stint as a medical practitioner in Russia in between Antarctic sojourns.
There will be a memorial service for her on Friday, April 13 in Sydney and any of her Antarctic colleagues would be welcome if they would like to come.
Garfield, her eldest child, can be contacted at 0423 698 453.
Email received from Garfield Reynolds 4/04/18


Vale- Dr Mary Gillham

Dr Mary Gillham
Station Year Season
Macquarie Island 1959-60 Summer

Dr Mary Gillham passed away 23rd March 2013, aged 91. Mary Gillham was part of the first female ANARE expedition to Macquarie Island in December 1959. Her fellow female scientists were Isobel Bennett, Hope MacPherson and Susan Ingham. She travelled with ANARE for 14 days, her scientific purpose on the island was to analyse the effects of sea birds on the island's vegetation. Mary spent five days on Macquarie but still explored as much of the island as she could. She kept a diary of her time there and made notes on the exceptional wildlife inhabiting the island. The complete timeline of Mary's Macquarie trip and more of Mary's accomplishments during her life can be found at
Her photo was taken in 2012
Email received from Cathy Bolton, 6/02/18