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Obituaries & Tributes

Obituaries and Tributes 2016

Vale- Bill Storer

Station Year Season Job
Macquarie Island 1951 Winter Radio Operator
Mawson 1954 Winter Radio Operator

This morning , Sunday the 27th November, our dear colleague Bill Storer died.
He died at his nursing home in Sydney.
Bill's ANARE connections were Macquarie Island 1951 and 1954 Mawson Station;
he served as a radio operator at both stations.
He was awarded the Polar Medal for his service with ANARE at Mawson Station.
Email received from Ray MacMahon 27/11/16

Bill was the last but one man from the Mawson 54 party,
the remaining person being John Russell.
Email from David Dodd 29/11/16

Bill was a regular attendee to Midwinter dinners - last at Melbourne in 2014 for Mawson 50th reunion.
Email from Denise Allen 29/11/16


Vale- Brian Eyre

Davis 1963 Winter Electronic Technician Met Tech
Bryan Eyre of Devonport, ... has passed away 
on the 3 of August.
Email from daughter- Liz Pereira 9/8/16

Vale- Peter Tenni

Station Year Season Job
Macquarie Island 1953 Winter Scientist Physical GEOPHYS
I would like to inform you of the death of Peter Tenni on 10 July 2016 following
a short illness. My father was a long time member of ANARE Club and
retained an interest in Antarctic matters.
He was always very proud of his involvement.
Email from daughter - Gabrielle Ford 11 July 2016.

Vale- Bob Bergin

Station Year Season Job
Mawson 1961 Winter Radio Operator
Macquarie Island 1963 Winter
After sending out our MWD invitations I received a call from Joan Bergin
advising the passing of Bob Bergin on the 5th April.
Bob was a financial member of The Anare Club from 1962 to 1996 & was 88.
I was unaware of his passing before the call from Joan.
Below is his death notice from the Adelaide Advertiser ( typos & all).

BERGIN, Bob. Passed away peacefullyon April 5, 2016at Flinders Medical Centre.
Beloved husband of Joan. Father of Garry and Debbie.
"Health unto Her Majestyand not forgetting ourselves. "

Email from R.Hann 27 May 2016

Vale- Donald Dowie

Station Year Season Job
Mawson 1956 Winter MO
I would like to report the death of Donald Alexander (Don) Dowie in Adelaide
a few days ago in Adelaide. Don was MO at Mawson Base in 1956.
Don and I entered the Adelaide University Medical School in 1948,
me straight from school, he returned from WW2 having spent most of the time
 as a prisoner of war, having been the only survivor when his bomber was shot
down in the Pacific near Kota Baru. Before the war he had trained as a fitter
and turner, skills he put to use during his year at Mawson. His major legacy
was his large part in building the new aircraft hangar on the East Arm.
I followed Don as MO at Mawson the following year. During change-over
we spent a significant amount of time chewing the fat and sipping sherbert
in the little 2 bed hut that was, at that time, the surgery. After his return from
Antarctica he specialised in Rehabilitation Medicine, and was a dab hand
at helping people with their prosthetic limbs.
He died at 99, just 4 months short of the “ton” that would have been his
final achievement. He is survived by his wife Jill and his talented children.
Email from Richard Willing, Mawson 1957 - 22 May 2016

Vale- Dr Val Lishman

Station Year Season Job
Mawson 1987 Winter Doctor

I recently learnt that Dr Val Lishman - Casey 85/86 has died. I have compiled some of his life achievements and would like to send this to the appropriate person at the ANARE club for inclusion in the obituaries pages.
Obituary prepared by M.Whittle
Email from M.Whittle 12 May 2016

Vale- Frits van Hulssen

Station Year Season Job
Mawson 1955 Winter RD S/R.PHY
Mawson 1959 Winter
Have just noticed in todays Age newspaper death of Fritz van Hulssen. Mawson 55 and 59. So one of our early members. I remember going past the van Hulssen nunatak during the 65 Framnes Mountains survey. 
Email from P. McGrath 29 April 2016.

Vale - prepared by Ray McMahon

Vale- Phil Incoll

Round Trip 1977 Summer Architect
Phil played a huge part in the development of the Antarctic Rebuilding program from the late 1970s though to the end of the 1990s and maintained a keen interest ever since including the ongoing ANARE dinners. He was both the conceptual architect and the practical detailer and played a big part in the preparation of the ANARE construction staff as well as Antarctic Division personnel. He was involved in their preparation training though to their debriefing over many years. Hence he will be known to many of the ANARE members.

Funeral to be held at the South West Christian Church, 147 Hogans Road, Hoppers Crossing on Wed Jan 20th at 11 am and cortege will proceed to Werribee cemetery for interment.
email received Joe Archibald X-ACS ANARE member 16 Jan 2016

Vale- Alan McGregor Johnstone

Station Year Season Job
Davis 1974 Winter MET

It is with much regret that I pass on the news of the death of Alan McGregor Johnstone (R65132).
Alan, an ex LSROSM served on submarines HMAS Ovens, HMAS Oxley and HMS Tiptoe.
AJ would have been 67 in January.
I think Alan was the first of us ex Submariners to venture south.
I had not met him in either service but tales of his year at Davis in 1974 lived on through his colleagues with him that year.
Email from Kevin Christensen 13/12/16


Vale- Gordon Watson

Station Year Season Job
Davis 1979 Winter MET

Another of our Antarctic Family passed away last Monday week the 21st Nov.
Gordon Watson wintered at Davis in 1979 as part of the 3 man Met team.
He worked all over Australia during his Met life and spent his last years at the Hobart Airport from where he retired.
He leaves behind a loving family, wife Lois, four children, Tanya, Mandy, Carla and Nick, and eight grand children.
He will be sadly missed by all that worked and socialized with him.
Email from Robin Regester 30/11/16


Vale- Bob Dingle

Heard Island1951WinterMET / OIC
Macquarie Island1956Winter
We received information today on the passing of an ANARE pioneer, Bob Dingle aged 95, at his nursing home in Swansea. Tasmania.

Bob was a pioneer weather man and Station leader who wintered seven times between 1950 and 1968, serving first at Heard Island in 1951.  Mawson 1954, 1956 at Macquarie, Davis 1957 and Station Leader Wilkes 1959 taking over from the USARP. A fulsome obituary of Bob’s Antarctic (and WWII  career) will also appear in the forthcoming Aurora.

Email from D.Dodd 13/9/16

Vale- David Graham - RAN - Voy 5 1980

.. David was taken ill recently as has passed away...
Email from D.Wills 19/7/16

Vale- Bernard Phillips - Mawson 1969

For information of all who may remember him, Bernard (Mandelkern ) Phillips who served with the Americam Pageos team at Mawson 1969 passed away this month
after a short battle with cancer at his home in Aspen. Sadly missed by all.
Email from Chris Bain Mawson 69 -22 June 2016

Thanks can you let ANARE know he died on Sunday twelfth and they are having a memorial service for him in August. Will try to send you photo of him and me in Aspen in January this year..
Email from Dr John Hogg- 22 June 2016

Vale - William Blance

Station Year Season Job
Non ANARE 1948 Expedition ABLE SEAMN (LST3501)
My father William (Bill) Henri James Blance was on the first Naval Expedition to Heard Island after the second WW. Dad passed away on the 20th February this year. He had been a member of the ANARE Club. He enjoyed his adventures to Heard Island and often recited stories of their adventures.
After Dad died his body was cremated and he will be placed in the Botany Cemetery Sydney,near my sister. The family would like to know if it is possible for us to use the badge of the ANARE club on his plaque. This would be a great honour for us.
Email from Nola Blance 31/5/2016

Vale- Peter Ormay

Station Year Season Job
Wilkes 1963 Winter CHIPPY/TO
Macquarie Island 1965 Winter
Repstat (1968) 1966 Summer
Macquarie Island 1967 Winter
Macquarie Island 1976 Summer

Hello Everyone,

As most of you are aware, our father, Peter Ormay, has been struggling with prostate cancer for the last eight years.
Sadly, he passed away in the early hours of yesterday morning. He went peacefully in his
sleep, and thankfully isn't suffering any more.
We will be holding a memorial service for him next Friday 27th May (Hall Pavilion ACT at 2pm). Those of you who are willing and able to attend are most welcome. Also, we would appreciate it if you could pass the word on to others who would like to attend. Everyone who knew Dad is welcome. Please see details in the attachment, which will be in the Canberra Times tomorrow, Saturday 21st May.

Kindest Regards,
Lowie and Danny Ormay
(Peter's Daughter and Son) Email rcvd 20 May 2016

Vale- Dr Robert Waugh

It is with deep regret I wish to notify the Club of the death of Dr Robert Waugh who was the doctor at Davis Station in 1976. He was a great practical joker, and on one occasion he deleated a Reuter  report and installed this message " The shipping line of Lorretson was in the hands of the Receivers, and the ANARE Stations would not be relieved this year, however ANARE Headquarters was in negotiations with the Receivers to release the Flag Ship of the line" You can imagine the furore that this caused, instead of tears the young ones were adding up their pay cheques, and when Bob owned up to the prank one youngster tried to strangle him. Bob was a dear friend of mine and he will leave an empty space in this world, Bless him
Facebook post/email from C.Alford 17/03/16

Vale- Patrick Moonie

Mawson 1967 Winter Radio Operator
Mawson 1969 Winter
Mawson 1971 Winter
Mawson 1973 Winter
Mawson 1975 Winter

Friday's Canberra Times contained a death notice for Patrick John Moonie (AKA Omik - Radio Operator extraordinaire) 28.7.1936 - 10.2.2016.
Patrick's Antarctic service record included Mawson67, M69, M71, M73, M75.
In later years he worked in the Parliament House services area and was then Secretary of the Canberra ANARE Group. He was the organiser of the Canberra Midwinter dinners until ill-health overtook him. He passed away after several years in Kankinya Nursing Home.
In Saturday's Canberra Times a further notice appeared:
"Requiem Mass for Patrick will be celebrated at St Anthony of Padua Catholic Church, Sternberg Crescent Wanniassa on MONDAY 15 February commencing at 10:30 am."

email  from Simon Cowling/Jan Adolph-
14 feb 16.