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Anare Club will soon be calling for Applications from Members to participate in the 2017-18 Club Berth Voyage generously offered by the Antarctic Division. Applications should be endorsed by the Branch (or National) Presidents. Applications close 30 June 2017.
An Application Form can be downloaded  Application form. pdf    Application form. doc

Congratulations to Lucinda Coates who has been selected as the 2016-17 Club Berth Representative.

The 2016-17 Voyage Representative is Ms Lucinda Coates. Lucinda's Voyage Report is NOW available online,  along with Previous Voyage Reports.

Lucinda's Antarctic Service;

Station Year Season Job
Prince Charles Mts 1992 Summer Field FLD ASSIS

The 2016-17 Reserve Voyage Representative is Jeremy Smith

Jeremy's Antarctic Service;- 

Station Year Season Job
Macquarie Island 1996 Winter Station Leader
Davis 2001 Winter Station Leader
Davis 2003 Winter Station Leader
Casey 2005 Winter Station Leader
Casey 2007 Summer Station Leader
Macquarie Island 2010 Winter Station Leader
For many years, the Antarctic Division has commonly made available a berth on one of the round-trip voyages during a season to be occupied by a member of the ANARE Club.

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This generous arrangement not only symbolises the good relationship which  exists between the Club and the Division, but also gives our representative a chance to travel south to broaden their Antarctic experience, and more importantly to recruit new Club members among the expeditioners on the voyage and the stations visited.
However, space is usually at a premium and there are a number of competing claims on the berths available.  There are some seasons when operational requirements prevent AAD from making a berth available.

In selecting who should occupy the berth, the Club is looking for someone well able to represent the Club to expeditioners.  This will usually mean, although not necessarily, someone with a long record of membership of, and service to, the Club.

It will be necessary for the successful candidate to pass the rigorous medical assessment required of all expeditioners. As a precaution we will select a second candidate in case our first choice does not pass the assessment.
You should note that holding the Club berth will involve some costs for which you will be personally liable. They will not be paid by the Club.

These include expenses, but not restricted to costs associated with medical examinations, the cost of travel between your home and the ports of embarkation and disembarkation and associated accommodation. While you are on the voyage you will be kitted and maintained by the Division. The applicant may also be required to present a post-voyage report to Club Members.

The Club will advise members when applications are being sought by placing a notice in Aurora and posting on this website.
Details of the application process will be included in that advice.

Previous Anare Club Berth Representatives
and their Voyage Reports can be viewed here A suggested Action plan for selected Club Berth Representatives is also linked to the Club Berth Voyage Report webpage.

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